Sunday, October 25, 2015

Play "Ezmerg's Candy Nightmare"

Ezmerg has been abducted from his Goblin village. He is now cooking candy all day. Can you find and help him? 

Come and play this new FREE point and click adventure at Escapades. 

Taxi to Escapades:

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My experience with creating Free Wilma

A few months after the launch of "Free Wilma", my résumé is mixed. There have been arround 250 players, about 10 per week. It is much less than I thought and I had much less income than I would need in order to cover my land costs. Less than half of the players actually finished the game. I think that the riddles are not too hard and the story is not too long, but quite a lot of players dropped out.

As a result I have now written a complete walkthrough. I want to make sure that people don't stop playing because they get stuck somewhere.

I have also decided to lower the price of the game from 180 LS to 95 LS and see if that  raises the number of players . Customers who have bought the HUD previously will at some point get the chance to receive a 50 LS return, if they fill out a feedback form. Customers will be notified by a message.

There seem to be at least two people where the HUD seems to have produced a show-stopper bug and they were not able to continue at a certain point. What is very frustrating is that I have not been able to reproduce the bug.

I also have some problems with my database scripts. I should have sorted these problems months ago, but I had not time. Let's see when I can get to it.

Walkthrough for the game "Free Wilma"

Before reading the walkthrough, when getting stuck, do first read the tips:


First of all, you need to wear the HUD. Go to the boy “Rick” next to the HUD vendor and click on him. Talk to him and he will give you eventually the task to collect fruits and to bring them to the elephant Wilma for him. He will also give you a notecard that hints to the fruit locations.

Beware: Spoilers below this line

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hints and tips for playing "Free Wilma"

If you like to solve riddles yourself and you don't want to read anything that might oversimplify your gameplay, then beware: there are some spoilers ahead. In this case keep on playing but not reading...   ;)

If you however got stuck somewhere on your way to "Freeing Wilma" and you are looking for some help, you might find additional hints here.

Frida the cat catches a bird?

You'll find help for all the points where people already got stuck and asked for a helping hand. If you don't find a suitable hint here, please do first ask in the in-world group and if no one can help you, then post a comment to this post on my profile feed (you can log-in at that page with your usual SL username and passowrd). I will then contact you in-world or post a hint here. Keep in mind that this is a hobbyist project and I have a very busy "Real Life". So it might take some time, maybe even more than a day, before I might get back to you.

----------------- Spoilers below this line ------------------------------

Monday, March 9, 2015

Free Wilma - an Adventure Game in Second Life

Prepare to embark on an interactive adventure game in Second Life. Situated on Escapades Island, a place of childhood dreams and mayhem, the play scenes of this point and click game will immerse you into the world of an anarchic children fantasy. Solve a series of little quests to finally save the elephant Wilma, who is held hostage by the biggest mouse ever: Modsno the ferret. 

 “Free Wilma” is based on a new game system in second life that breathes life into the NPCs (non player characters). The characters will react differently to the player depending on the game progress. This feature caters to a more immersive experrience than traditional linear Second Life point and click games.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Well, here I am - writing another post almost one year after my last one. You might ask what I have been up to? I didn't want to review SL games and experiences any longer, I wanted to do create games myself. Interactive adventure games that are non linear, that build a real relationship between the player and the non-player characters. 

It is foolish to learn to script with the idea in mind to create something better than all experienced LSL scripters have done so far. But I am someone who really likes trying. And I am not dissapointed with the outcome. Soon the first results will be available to test to you. Then you can make up your mind if the effort was worth it.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Madpea is asking for your help to release Unia

I have been reporting several times about Madpea's latest game Unia. The release of the game has been delayed for over a year and unfortunately it will at least take 2-3 more Months until we can play Unia. Kiana Writer, the mastermind behind Madpea, writes on the Madpea blog:
When we started creating the game in the first place,  we had no idea how long it would take because something like it had never been done in Second Life before. The concept of UNIA goes way beyond Second Life. It is the first in its genre breaking ground and truly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Second Life. The project is ambitious and challenging. We have a team of nearly 20 incredibly talented people working on it nonstop. Not to mention the best of the best guest artists putting their passion into it. [Madpea blog]

In the meantime Kiana Writer has to cover a lot of costs - the most substantial being tier costs for the two regions - and she is holding a fundraiser event:
Unfortunately, two months into the game development we lost our sponsor and have had to find ways to keep funding the two islands we need for UNIA. Since I am in Finland there is a 24% tax added to the cost of each full island. That is $70.80 in addition to the usual $295.00 tier fee so the monthly cost of our two MadPea islands is $731.60 (US dollars). As Art is sponsored in SL by LEA but game development is not., I'm asking you that if there is any way you are able to donate to help us out with this. [Madpea blog]
Picture taken from the Madpea blog
The donators have helped reaching half of the donation goal of 4.390 dollars so far. This sum would cover six Months of tier for the two game regions in Second Life. If you want to help out too, you can donate here:

One thought that I had was that with more than two reward levels (50$ and 500$) Madpea might receive even greater support. Firstly because there are a lot of people who cannot afford to give 50$, but would like to help out if they see a reward level that they can afford. Secondly people tend to raise their contribution when they see that contributions reach a ceiling - and that is a difficult thing to do with only two reward levels. Here are some ideas how additional reward levels and the prizes could have looked like:
  • 5$ "A madpea supporter mesh badge"
  • 25$ "A Unia supporter mesh t-shirt for your avatar"
  • 50$ "Exclusive Unia avatar"
  • 100$ "Exclusive Unia launching party with the Madpea team and exclusive 48 hours access at the start of the game (for up to 50 donators)
  • 500$ "Exclusive UNIA tour by me (2 hours), Early Access to the Game, FREE HUD, weapons and outfits."
In any case I very much hope that Madpea will reach their aim with the existing reward levels. They seem to be on a good way. Here are two exciting videos that give a few impressions what to expect from the game and they look great: